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  • How is your machine quality? Do you have warranty? +
    We are seriously aware of the fact that, unlike other consumer products(e.g. shoes, T-shirts) the machinery product will bring big trouble to customers if the machine fails frequently in production. It will be a big cost for repairing, production stop, and human power hiring, ect. We are serious at doing products and business, just as our slogan “Do Awesome Things”. We do testing by our self and we partner with world top brands like Italian Festo, Japanese SMC, Germany Siemens, ect. Besides, we provide 1 year warranty. So, please ease your mind.
  • After I buy your machines, how to install it and how to use it? +
    We can send our engineers to you for training and installation. Besides, we’ll also provide detailed and easy user manual with instructive videos to guide you step by step. It’s our obligation to ensure each and every customer get familiar with the machine, and know how to operate it. So, please don’t worry about it.
  • What if my machines encounter a failure in working? +
    Let us worry about it for you. We’ll walk you through the whole issue and locate the cause, by means of email, online chat message, and also facetime videos. Then we’ll guide you to fix it by changing parts or adjusting somewhere. Of course, we’ll send the changeable parts to you. Well, if it still does not help, our engineers will fly to you to trouble shoot onsite. We promise you we are accessible 24/7.
  • It’s my first time to do this project and also import from China. Can I get my business started? +
    Yes sure. To be honest, a lot of our customers are new comers and their business still launched well. We got an experienced team, who can cover you in all aspects including machinery, materials, formulation, package, technical expertise, mistakes you should avoid, shipment, ect. Just tell us your situation and your concerns, and let us worry about your concerns.
  • I had bad business experience with Chinese companies before, irresponsible and even fraud. How can I make sure you are not like them? +
    We are a sincere and serious business. We serviced so many customers well. We believe that we can walk further only by doing products and companies and treating customers seriously and responsibly. We’ll prove you that we are different and we are reliable.

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