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Aerosol Packaging in the Food Market

An olive oil spray and oil for bakery have become increasingly popular since people love cooking and baking at home. An oil spray is an extremely convenient aerosol product which makes oil uniformly distributed after spraying.

Our contract aerosol filling machines and packaging lines provide you with a flexible, easy-to-operate solution that guarantees quality.

Benefits from Our Solution

  • 01

    Comply with Hygiene

    We adopt food-grade stainless steel and design automatic machines to ensure the aerosol filling is conducted in a highly hygienic process.

  • 02

    Easy to Operate

    From gas filling to valves crimping and contents filling, one to three workers can easily complete your food production with the help of our full technical guidance.

  • 03

    Improve Productivity

    Our high-speed and high-accuracy aerosol filling machines for food applications improve your productivity and shorten your lead time.

Tailored for a Wide Range of Applications

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Olive Oil Spray | Dawsom

Olive Oil Spray

aerosol packaging solution for cooking spray oil | Dawsom

Sunflower Seed Oil

aerosol packaging solution for spray sprite | Dawsom

Aerosol Sprite

aerosol packaging solution for whipped cream | Dawsom

Whipped Cream

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