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  • full automatic aerosol filling machine

    Automatic Aerosol Filling Machines

    Automatic aerosol filling machines combine can feeding, product filling, valve placing, propellant filling, weight checking, leakage testing, actuator placing, cap placing, ink printing, and packaging—all in one single production line.

    Our automatic aerosol production equipment is suitable to produce body deodorant, shaving foam, spray paint, air freshener, lubricant spray, fire extinguisher, MDI (metered dose inhaler), cartridge butane gas, etc.

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  • semi-automatic aerosol filling machine

    Semi-Automatic Aerosol Filling Machines

    With the capacity of up to 4,000-8,000 cans per day, our easy-to-use semi-automatic aerosol filling machines are perfect for laboratory and small production lines.

    They are ideal for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household cleaners, industrial aerosols, and food aerosols.

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  • aerosol crimping height and diameter gauge

    Measurement Instruments

    Aerosol measurement instruments are convenient and useful in quality control and efficient production.

    For qualified production, safe operation and changeover, we provide measurement instruments for testing pressure, sealing, vacuuming, etc.

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Customized Aerosol Production Line

Our integrated solutions are equipped with modular machines which can be customized as a complete production line or as an individual machine, according to your needs.

An empty aerosol bottle

Can Feeding

The feeding bench collects empty cans and aligns them on the conveyor to next working station.

An aerosol bottle with liquids inside

Product Filling

The pneumatic and hydraulic metering cylinders dispense your products into the cans. Suitable for cans of 35-66 mm diameter and 80-350 mm height.

An aerosol bottle with liquids inside and a valve

Valve Placing

A feeder embeds the valves, 20 mm or 1 inch in diameter, into the cans automatically.

The aerosol can has been crimped and sealed

Can Crimping

This modular device is equipped with a valve positioning head and a crimping head which ensure smooth sealing. The modular device is fitted with valves 20 mm or 1 inch in diameter.

Fill propellant into the sealed can

Propellant Filling

Our propellants filling heads can fill gases like LPG, CO2, Nitrogen, Freon, etc. Booster pumps and measurement instruments​ like a pressure detector are custom options.

Weigh the aerosol can


We provide an optional weight checker for the filling volume check, a water bath machine for the leakage test, as well as other measurement instruments for testing sealing, vacuuming, etc.

The aerosol can is in the water bath

Actuator Placing

We offer the actuator placing machine to fit your actuator specific style in various products.

A sealed aerosol can with an actuator

Cap Placing

The cap will be automatically sorted and placed automatically over the bottle top.

A sealed aerosol can with a cap


An optional ink jet printing module can be integrated before the packaging table.

Bag-on-Valve Technology

Bag-on-valve technology solves the challenge of packaging corrosive, hygienic & sterilizable, and oxygen sensitive products by insulating the products in a bag from the propellant gas.

It is ideal for packaging cosmetics, pharmaceuticals & medical substances, food & nutrition, etc.

Our machines combine the bag-on-valve filling technology to achieve the following functions.

  • Empty aerosol cans on the conveyor

    Bottle Placing

    Automatically arrange the bottles and move them to next working station.

  • Weigh the bag on valve aerosol bottle

    Pressure Detecting

    The pressure detecting station module checks the bottle interior pressure.

  • Filling propellant through a bag on valve and crimping the can

    Gas Filling & Crimping

    Both gas filling and crimping movements are completed under the cup.

  • Weigh the bag on valve aerosol bottle

    Actuator & Cap Fitting

    Fit the actuator and cap to the valve and finish the aerosol production.

  • Filling liquids into the bag

    Product Filling

    Pressure fill the liquid, cream or gel content into the bag through the valve nipple.

  • 01Bottle Placing
  • 04Pressure Detecting
  • 02Gas Filling & Crimping
  • 05Actuator & Cap Fitting
  • 03Product Filling


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