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Aerosol Packaging Solution for Industry and Construction | Dawsom

Aerosol Production for Industry & Construction

To satisfy the need for convenience and quality in industrial production and building, more and more aerosol products are innovated for industry and construction, such as a PU foam spray, spray paint, anti-rust, lubricant spray, etc.

Aerosol products for industrial and construction purposes have specific formulas and need quality machines to meet the strict production process.

Dawsom produces a wide range of aerosol filling machines to pack your industry and construction-related products. Feel free to contact us if you need selection guidance.

Benefits from Our Solution

  • 01

    Automatic System

    Whether you go for filling machines or full packaging lines, we offer you an automatic packing solution to improve efficiency.

  • 02

    Stable Quality

    With 10 years of experience, our R&D team is good at designing automatic machines that will guarantee the quality of your products.

  • 03

    Easy Operation

    Thanks to our intelligent and precise system, workers can easily control the motion of each station by using several buttons.

Tailored for a Wide Range of Applications

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Anti-Rust Spray | Dawsom

Anti-Rust Spray

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Spray Paint | Dawsom

Spray Paint

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Mold Release Spray | Dawsom

Mold Release Spray

Aerosol Packaging Solution for PU Foam Spray | Dawsom

PU Foam Spray

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Anti-rust Spray | Dawsom

Lubricant Spray

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