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Aerosol Packaging Solution for Auto Care | Dawsom

Familiar Aerosol Products for Auto Care

For packing aerosol products that are intended for carb cleaning and auto maintenance, we provide automatic machines for filling cleaner and paint. In addition, we manufacture the under-cup filling machines for packing an auto refrigerant.

Our aerosol filling machines are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the most consistent high-quality auto care products.

Benefits from Our Solution

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    Simplified Operation

    Thanks to our intelligent and precise system, workers can easily control the motion of crimping valves and filling gas and liquid by using several buttons.

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    Flexible Solutions

    According to the size of the cans, and formulation of contents and propellant, our engineers adjust the solution for efficient packing of auto care products.

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    Advanced Technology

    For packaging specific auto care products like an auto refrigerant, we develop reliable UTC (under-the-cup) filling solutions.

Tailored for a Wide Range of Applications

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