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Measurement Instruments

Optional Aerosol Measurement Instruments

Our measurement instruments can help you inspect and debug unqualified production, conduct precise and efficient changeover, and operate safely.

  • Precision: Our precise measurement instruments ensure your daily operation and adjustment by the accurate meter reading.

  • Easy to Use: Multiple small measurement instruments are assembled to guarantee productivity and quality.

  • Must Need: Measurement instruments save you a lot of time and money by locating the cause of an issue.

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We offer our machines, which are designed to produce a wide range of aerosol products, on a make-to-order basis. If you are not sure how to select the right machine, please feel free to contact our experts​.

  • aerosol crimping depth & width gauge

    Crimp Diameter & Depth Gauge

    Crimp Diameter and Height Gauge

    This set of gauge is to measure the crimp diameter and height of 1″ aerosol valve.

    It includes 1 unit of crimp diameter gauge, 1 unit of crimp height gauge, and related calibration units.

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  • aerosol gas booster pump

    Aerosol Gas Booster Pump

    Aerosol Gas Booster Pump

    The purpose of this gas booster pump is to ensure that the gas is filled into the aerosol can in liquid phase. Also, the gas pressure is constant under the working of the booster pump. All this is to guarantee fast, accurate and stable gas filling. It is an indispensable part in the liquefied gas filling in aerosol production.

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  • LPG Order Removal Equipment

    LPG Odor Removing Machine

    LPG Deodorization Equipment

    This equipment is used to remove the odor (Sulphur Compounds) from LPG(butane and propane gas) in aerosol production industry.

    LPG deodorization columns * 3pcs (more columns can be added)
    Safety valves attached
    Pressure meters attached
    Base rack included
    Connecting pipes and accessories included


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