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Aerosol Packaging Solution for Household Care | Dawsom

Reliable Machines for Household Care Market

Aerosol household care products, such as a room freshener and cleaners, provide users with a high level of convenience.

How to produce a premium household care product? Partner with Dawsom and you can get automatic machines that guarantee the quality of the household care aerosol products and significantly increase productivity.

Benefits from Our Solution

  • 01

    High Speed

    You can greatly enhance productivity with our speedy machines, which run automatically from gassing to crimping and filling.

  • 02

    Flexible Solutions

    Our machines are manufactured on-demand, according to your household care products formulation and characteristics of a propellant.

  • 03

    Easy Changeover

    You can produce a series of household care products with one Dawsom aerosol filling machine, which features changeable parts.

Tailored for a Wide Range of Applications

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Air Freshener | Dawsom

Air Freshener

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Insecticide Spray | Dawsom

Insecticide Spray

aerosol packaging solution for starch spray | Dawsom

Starch Spray

aerosol packaging solution for bud flea repellent | Dawsom

Bud Flea Repellent

aerosol packaging solution for dust agnet | Dawsom

Dust Mop Spray

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