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Premium Materials and Components

Materials and components are the most critical elements to affect the performance of the equipment.

We utilize quality raw materials and branded components to ensure our high-performance machines have a maximum service time and minimum downtime.

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Engineers are designing the aerosol filling machine

Strict Commissioning and Testing

Inspection of the appearance and functionality of the devices ensures the aesthetics, safety, and performance that you require. We also provide Measurement Instruments for daily inspection.

An inspector is checking the appearance of the aerosol filling machine 01

Appearance Inspection

Each and every corner of the machine must be checked to ensure machines can maintain a high level of quality in its end-use environment.

An inspector conduct a running test and record the results 02

Running Test

We monitor the equipment while conducting a half-hour running test to assure the machine meets your safety and performance needs.

An inspector is checking the filling parameters on the operation screen and comparing with the checklist 03

Filling Error Detection

After filling propellants and contents, we calculate the filling error to reject any aerosol product which is not compliant with the standard value.

Green aerosol products are in a water bath 04

Leak Test

Heated in a water bath, the specimen undergoes a thorough inspection of leakage to prevent accidents from happening during the end-use period.

Testing the filling speed with a timer 05

Productivity Test

We measure the productivity during the period of 1 minute to debug unqualified machines based on our reference ranges until they meet the reference standard.

Testing the sealing depth and width with a measurement instrument 06

Sealing & Pressure Test

We conduct random testing of the sealing depth & width, and also of the filling pressure, to ensure each working part is functioning properly.

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