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Measurement Instruments

Modularly Designed Aerosol Production Lines

Automatic aerosol filling machines combine can feeding, product filling, valve placing, propellant filling, weight checking, leakage testing, actuator placing, cap placing, ink printing, and packaging—all in one single production line.

  • Suitable for the production of various aerosol products in diverse industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household care, industrial & institutional care, auto care, etc.

  • The lines in standard configuration have a capacity of 3600 cans per hour.

  • Aluminum or tinplate cans 35-66 diameter, 80-350mm height are compatible.

0101Sorting Bench
0202Rotating Products Filler
0303Values Sorting & Feading Device
0404Cans Cnmping Machine
0505Rotating Propellant Filler
0606Weight Checker
0707Water Bath
0808Spray Head Fitter
0909Cap Fitter
An engineering drawing of the aerosol filling machine
  • 01Sorting Bench
  • 02Rotating Products Filler
  • 03Values Sorting & Feading Device
  • 04Cans Cnmping Machine
  • 05Rotating Propellant Filler
  • 06Weight Checker
  • 07Water Bath
  • 08Spray Head Fitter
  • 09Cap Fitter

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We offer our machines, which are designed to produce a wide range of aerosol products, on a make-to-order basis. If you are not sure how to select the right machine, please feel free to contact our experts​.

  • Automatic Aerosol

    Fully Automatic Aerosol Packaging Line

    Can sorter, 2 liquid fillers, valves sorter, crimping machine, 2 gas fillers, final packaging machine.

    Can sorter, 2 liquid fillers, valves sorter, crimping machine, 2 gas fillers, final packaging machine.

    Can sorter, 2 liquid fillers, valves sorter

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  • Semi-Automatic Aerosol Filling Machines

    Fully Automatic Aerosol Packaging Line

    With the capacity of up to 4,000-8,000 cans per hour, our easy-to-use semi-automatic aerosol filling machines are perfect for laboratory and small production lines.

    They are ideal for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household cleaners, industrial aerosols, and food aerosols.

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  • Measurement Instruments

    Fully Automatic Aerosol Packaging Line

    Aerosol measurement instruments are convenient and useful in quality control and efficient production.

    For qualified production, safe operation and changeover, we provide measurement instruments for testing pressure, sealing, vacuuming, etc.

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Outstanding Benefits

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    Short Lead Time

    With a monthly output of 10 sets of machines, we are almost able to deliver your equipment within 7-30 days.

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    Competitive Price

    By controlling the developing and production processes, we can confidently offer you competitive prices.

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    Guaranteed Quality

    We have set up a strict quality control system according to ISO and CE standards to ensure the quality of our machines.

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    Full Support & Service

    From pre-sales to manufacture and after-sales, we provide timely support and service to meet your every need.

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