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aerosol booster pump
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Model Number : Aerosol Gas Booster Pump

Aerosol Gas Booster Pump


The purpose of this gas booster pump is to ensure that the gas is filled into the aerosol can in liquid phase. Also, the gas pressure is constant under the working of the booster pump. All this is to guarantee fast, accurate and stable gas filling. It is an indispensable part in the liquefied gas filling in aerosol production.

Features :
  • 3 feet equipped to stand firmly
  • Japan SMC pneumatic valves guarantee long and reliable work
  • Pressure gauge attached to show real-time pressure
  • Holding handle attached to facilitate moving it away
  • Performance regulated automatically
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Height Width Capacity Working Pressure Maximum Air Consumption
700mm 400mm 15~20 l/min 0.3~0.4Mpa 300 l/min


Our machine profile fulfills the production needs of a wide range of aerosol applications.

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