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full automatic bag on valve aerosol production line q-ey-4000p
bag on valve aerosol filling machine
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Model Number : Q-EY-4000P

Fully Automatic Bag On Valve Aerosol Production Line


This production line is configurated with modular functional stations. Each individual function station can be required according to customers’ actual situations. It is designed with PLC(Programmable Language Control) system to simplify operations.

Features :
  • Modular design meeting customers’ different  requirements
  • PLC system, intelligent and convenient
  • Multiple alarming systems to ensure safe operation
  • 3 dosing moves at one time
  • Different layouts “Straight”, “L”, and “U” optional
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Outline (L*W*H) Capacity Liquid Filling Volume Gas Filling Volume Accuracy
22000*1500*2000mm 30~45 cans/minute 50~550ml 0~0.6Mpa ≤ ±1g
Applicable Can Diameter Applicable Can Height Applicable Valve Size Working Air Pressure Maximum Air Consumption
40~66mm 80~330mm 1 Inch 0.7~0.8Mpa(102~116Psi) 4000L/M


Our machine profile fulfills the production needs of a wide range of aerosol applications.

facial spray filling machine

Facial Spray

Olive Oil Filling Machine

Food Oil Spray

self tanning spray filling machine

Self Tanning Spray

shaving foam filling machine

Shaving Foam

nasal spray filling machine

Seawater Nasal Spray

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