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Q PT 5000
Q PT 5000

Model Number : Q-PT-5000

Fully Automatic Aerosol Production Line


This production line is composed of several modular working stations. Customers can select as per their actual budget and production requirement. It can be applied in various applications such as air freshener, insecticide spray, body deodorant spray, spray paint, silicone spray, ect.

Features :
  • Cans feeding machine
  • Liquid filling machine
  • Valve sorting & feeding machine(optional)
  • Crimping & gas filling machine
  • Weight checking machine(optional)
  • Water bath leakage checking machine(optional)
  • Actuator sorting & feeding machine(optional)
  • Cap sorting & feeding machine(optional)
  • Packing table
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Outline (L*W*H) Weight Driving Method Maximum Air Consumption Working Air Pressure
22000*15000*2000mm 5000kg Compressed Air/Electrical 5000L/M 0.6~0.7Mpa(87~102Psi)
Applicable Can Diameter Applicable Can Height Applicable Valve Type Applicable Valve Size Filling Speed
35~66mm 70~330mm Male/Female 1 Inch(25.4mm) 30~60 Cans/Minute
Liquid Filling Volume Gas Filling Volume Customization Filling Accuracy Applicable Can Type
20~1000ml(Customizable) 20~500g(Customizable) Available ≤±1g Tinplate/Aluminium/PET


Our machine profile fulfills the production needs of a wide range of aerosol applications.

air freshener spray filling machine

Air Freshener

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Insecticide Spray | Dawsom


rust removing spray

Rust Removing Spray

industrial finishing

Spray Paint

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Anti-rust Spray | Dawsom

Lubricant Spray

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