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aerosol crimping depth & width gauge
crimping width gauge
crimping depth gauge
aerosol crimping diameter gauge
aerosol crimping depth gauge
aerosol crimping gauge

Model Number : Crimp Diameter & Depth Gauge

Crimp Diameter and Height Gauge


In real aerosols production, crimping performance is directly related to the finished product qualification. Many leakage occasions are rooted from unqualified crimping. And the crimp diameter and crimp height are the 2 essential factors.

Features :
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Compact design and portable

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Display Unit Application Measuring Span Scale Interval Gross Weight
mm Aerosol Crimping 10mm 0.01mm 1.5kg
Working Temperature Package Size Applicable Valve Type Applicable Valve Size Type
10~30℃ 230*170*120mm Male/Female 1 Inch(25.4mm) Manual


Our machine profile fulfills the production needs of a wide range of aerosol applications.

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