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B-GS-700K butane gas filling machine
Butane Cartridge Gas Refill Machine
LPG Gas Filling Machine

Model Number : B-GS-700K(One Bench Type)

Semi-automatic Butane Gas Cartridge Filling Machine


This semi-automatic butane gas cartridge filling machine is designed in 1 working table. It is mainly for pilot production and small scale production. It is especially designed for filling butane cartridge gas. The machine firstly vacuums the aerosol can, then crimps the can, and then fill the gas into the can through the valve stem. It is 100% pneumatic(no need for electricity) and super easy for operation and maintenance.

Features :

– One working bench design, compact and easy for operation
– Metering display plus hand-wheel design ensures accurate dosing volume adjustment, decreasing the waste of the package and raw materials.
– Pedal switch for activation of each strike
– Applicable for butane cartridge gas and lighters refill gas

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Outline (L*W*H) Weight Driving Method Maximum Air Consumption Working Air Pressure
960*500*1700mm 120kg Compressed Air 1000L/M 0.6~0.7Mpa(87~102Psi)
Applicable Can Diameter Applicable Can Height Applicable Valve Type Applicable Valve Size Filling Speed
45~66mm 70~330mm Male/Female 1 Inch(25.4mm) 15~20 Cans/Minute


Our machine profile fulfills the production needs of a wide range of aerosol applications.

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