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aerosol crimping and gas filling machine
crimping and gas filling machine b-pt-500
room freshener spray machine
semi automatic body deo spray filling machine
room freshener spray filling machine

Model Number : B-PT-500

Semi-automatic Aerosol Crimping & Gas Filling Machine


This machine is specially designed for the laboratory use and the startup businesses who want minimum budget and demand no requirement on the speed and automation. It integrates 1 crimping head and 1 gas filling head. Switch on the functions and step the pedal switch for each striking. Simple and easy for operation.

Features :

– All pneumatic valves are from Japan SMC, reducing the cost due to machine performance breakdown.
– Metering display plus hand-wheel design ensures accurate dosing volume adjustment, decreasing the waste of the package and raw materials.
– Pedal switch for activation of each strike
– Applicable for various sizes of bottles

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Outline (L*W*H)WeightDriving MethodMaximum Air ConsumptionWorking Air Pressure
960*500*1700mm120kgCompressed Air1000L/M0.6~0.7Mpa(87~102Psi)
Applicable Can DiameterApplicable Can HeightApplicable Valve TypeApplicable Valve SizeFilling Speed
35~66mm70~330mmMale/Female1 Inch(25.4mm)10~25 Cans/Minute


Our machine profile fulfills the production needs of a wide range of aerosol applications.

mosquito aerosol filling machine

Mosquito Repellent

air freshener spray filling machine

Room Freshener

hair spray filling machine

Hair Spray

DIY Spray Paint

Spray Paint

Aerosol Packaging Solution for Anti-rust Spray | Dawsom

Lubricant Spray

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